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Our Mission

``We are a community of local hospitality industry owners, operators, and employees who provide helpful
and generous resources, activities and services in order to bring forward a more abundant life.`` (Romans 12:2)

meet ups and socials


Hospitality Ambassadors coordinate and host socials and meet ups for hospitality workers. We cater to individuals who serve in restaurants, hotels/motels, bars and clubs. These are opportunities to meet and foster relationships through positive informal gatherings.



Each life group is led by 1-2 of our Hospitality Life Ambassadors. The Life groups will meet 2x per month. One meeting will include a casual social for the group to continue to get to know each other and a positive teachable take away from our ambassador. The Second life group meeting of the month will be focused on a life theme with a biblical solution. Our ambassadors will facilitate a short teaching, study, discussion and word of encouragement followed by a short time of prayer.

life groups


Hospitality Ambassadors gather community resources with regards to time, talent and treasure to serve our hospitality workers. They will plan recurring meet ups with people of similar interests and stages of life. They will get to know these groups of 5-10 well and focus on ministering to their needs and building friendships. As we begin to do life together, life groups grow organically.



Cell Groups

Working People


Ways to Serve and Support our Hospitality Life Community

We will be providing resources such as financial classes to help those who are interested in getting: financially stable, relationship health through counseling opportunities, support for single parents, and scholarship opportunities for hospitality workers and their kids.

Pray and believe that God is and will continue to bless our efforts in the hospitality industry through Hospitality Life!

Spread the word and invite prospects through announcements, social media, poster visibility and flier distribution.

Submit recommendations for ambassadors. We are vetting strong personable leaders with a healthy foundation and relationship with Christ.

Invest financially in our mission. A small seed can grow a massive crop. The harvest requires resources to reach others.

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